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Potty Training and Puppy Training in Grand Rapids, MI

Watch fun and informative videos on how we are raising and training our puppy, Salty.

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Preparing for a new puppy and potty training in Grand Rapids

Setting up our home to welcome our new puppy

Meet Salty

Training family to potty train Salty - puppy training in Grand Rapids

Training Recall

Salty learning potty training and to Come!

Training Sit

Salty learns to sit!

Training Down

Salty learning down.

Training The Walk

Update on Salty's potty training at 11 weeks old and training him to walk.

Training Stay

Salty at 12 weeks learning to Stay!

Whistle Training

Salty at 14 weeks learning whistle training.

Salty's 4 1/2 Month Puppy Training Update

Sit and wait, high five, leave it, walk, heel and roll over!

Salty 5 1/2 Months Playing Games

Fun interactive game to play with your pup to reinforce the "Come" command and teach him to greet with his nose down instead of jumping.

Salty's 8 Month Update - Time For Grooming

Salty has grown and so has his fluff!

Salty's First Grooming

Jeannie taking the DIY grooming approach.

Salty's 1 Year Update

Salty earns his Canine Good Citizen award.