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"First, this method works! One of the reasons I believe we had success with it was because Jeannie does a great job of explaining the philosophy of this method and takes a lot of time and care in demonstrating how to work with troublesome behavior. Working with your dogs behavior is a whole family process. Everyone needs to get involved. One of Jeannie’s strengths is that she not only works well with the adults and dogs, but she was able to communicate all the information and guidelines of training to my 10 year old so that she could participate in the process. Jeannie spends a great deal of time getting to know your dog, your home, and the humans involved!" -- Amy, Grosse pointe, MI



"We reached out to Salty's Dog Training in June 2017 to help our two dogs, Mattis and Moose, curb their aggressive tendencies towards the cat as well as with separation anxiety.  Jeannie was super helpful in breaking down her methods in easy to understand ways that helped us to truly think more like a dog.  Since bringing her methods into our home we have been able to establish boundaries and security for both dogs and ultimately help them understand who the pack leader should be.   Our boys are able to get along great now and have completely done away with some of their wild antics."-- Tori, Grand Rapids, MI



"So great! Great advice and we could tell she knows what she is talking about and is great at what she does. Highly recommend!" - Renee, Kentwood, MI

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Dog training an Airedale

"Jeannie came to our families rescue in “ our hour of need. “ We have a 3 year old Airedale terrier that was running our household and displaying some not very attractive behaviors ( jumping on us or anyone who came in the house). Using the tools that Jeannie taught us, we are seeing some very positive changes in our “ beloved beast!” She is definately a work in progress, but now we have some positive methods to use to get her to be the best dog we know she can be." -- Leann, Byron Center, MI



"Jeannie was wonderful! She came with paperwork ready for us covering the topics we discussed and the steps we needed to take to better train our dog. She was professional and lovely to spend time with. I would recommend her to anyone!" -- Krista, Grand Rapids, MI



"Our trainer Jeannie was a huge help on being able to give us advice on our dogs aggression issues. Our dog has issues with aggression towards humans and other animals. Jeannie was able to work with us and give us advice and ways to change and correct the aggressive behavior. We would highly recommend her to anyone that has any problems with their dog." -- Sabrina, Grand Rapids,MI



"We were having significant behavioral problems with our german shepherd puppy, and we were quite frustrated that our efforts were not getting us the results we hoped for. We found Salty's Dog Training through thumbtack, and Jeannie responded right away. Her calm demeanor and sense of humor left us feeling pretty hopeful even before our consultation with her. She was able to meet with us within a week or less, and she was professional but also very personable. We learned so much about how to make small changes with our puppy while being consistent. We also learned how to change our own behavior and responses to help improve communication with our puppy. Overall, we were very happy with Jeannie at Salty's Dog Training. I have even referred her name to a couple of my friends who also have puppies. Thanks so much, it's been a great experience !!" -- Anne, Caledonia, MI



"Jeannie responded within 30 minutes of submitting our thumbtack post and was at our house 5 hours later working with our family/dog on her training methods.  Her process was a good mix of instruction and hands on training.  We could instantly see the results with our lab puppy.  Her process was simple and effective.  In addition to the training, she also made recommendations on everything from socialization to leash options to toys and treats.  We look forward to future follow up sessions after we've had time to work on the training methods we've learned." -- Mark, Belding, MI



"We’ve worked with trainers before, but Jeannie explained things and worked with us differently than what we’d experienced before. And her methods work! It got our little dogs’ attitudes under control moreso than I had thought possible. She worked almost exclusively with us (the pup parents) as opposed to the dogs, which I guess just goes to show that there are no bad dogs, only bad owners. Well, we had a lot to learn. Highly recommended. Worth every penny!" -- Crystal, Grand Rapids, MI



"So Happy!!!" -- Cindy, Wyoming, MI



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"Very happy with our training session!! I would highly recommend."  Lisa, Grand Rapids, MI

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"Jeannie was great she came to our home and worked with our dogs and us. She gave us some techniques that will make our home more calm and give my wife some peace. In a short time she had our 4 year old Morkie doing things that we’d wished he’d done all along. Very kind and patient."  Scott, Lowell, MI

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